Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013

Crack by: FourDeltaOne
Repack by: the Hunter
File type: .rar
Size: 8 GB
Protection: Steam + CEG

Repack Info:
- Only Multiplayer
- Last updated Black Ops II Multiplayer
- Direct play(no install)
- Nuketown (Pre-Order) DLC files
- Revolution DLC files
- Uprising DLC files
- T5M Pre-Alpha mod to play MP/SP

** Only private matches are working at this state. Matchmaking won't work!
You need to add friends through FourDeltaOne forum
** Soon will be released update so we can play matchmaking and you dont need to invite .
When update is available you just start "t6mp" and will be updated automatically
** Please read the instructions. For support and more info visit their blog: http://operation2.net/

1. Extract rar arhive
2. Create an Account and activate  at ( http://fourdeltaone.net/ )
      ** Account for MW3 will work to
3. Add friends through FourDeltaOne forum
4. Play !
  ** For Multiplayer start  "t6mp"
  ** For Zombie mod start  "Play T6M Zombies"

[YOUTUBE] How to Create match and Invite friend

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