Rabu, 13 November 2013

Release notes:
FMRTE is an uncredited ripoff of MCFM, historical editor  for  the  CM/FM
series since 1995, coded by Mind Compression.
It uses portions of code coming from the latest MCFM version released  in
2007 and other borrowed here and there from the web, even violating  open
source licenses on the MAC version.
Now the latest version is just a minor update to offsets & UI colors, not
enough the "author" even states in the EULA that what you  pay for,  does
not include any kind of support, nor he guarantees for updates.

We do not blame the "author" for asking a voluntary donation as a form of
support, that would be rightful. We blame the "author" for forcing people
on "purchasing" FMRTE licenses (that's right,  you  don't own FMRTE  when
you buy a license, you just own the license).
Seen the premise, thats just shameful.

Football Manager  Real  Time  Editor  better known  as FMRTE is  an in game
editor and scouting for the Football Manager series.It has almost all basic
editing features you'd expect to see in an in-game editor, such as changing
a Player's Attributes, Personal Info, Contract.

Unpack, install, enjoy.